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great post matt. thanks for your transparency.

Emily not-Mulkey

...got a little teared up on that one. Kind of surprised me. You can borrow Ella if need be.


i love that story, matt. your fam is the best. :) smile.


matt, how sweet. i didn't know it would be so hard. i've known for a long time exactly where she would spend eternity and often thought that would be a great comfort. but it's not. i miss her every single day. i thank God for all the crazy, wonderful, tragic memories i have of her.

Karen Stewart

Sweet Matt, I know what you are feeling. My Nana was my best friend. I do believe we receive such happiness in our memories and such comfort in taking those memories with us through our life's journey. If we could only remember to never take our time with family for granted. They love us no matter what we do or say. Just like our Beautiful Creator.
Much love, Karen

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