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I went through a spell where my Jeep was being broken into nearly every day by the homeless people who live behind my office. I always left everything unlocked (it's not exactly rocket surgery to break into a Jeep...you just unzip the windows), but some doofus still sliced through the plastic side window to get inside. At one point, people actually were hanging out in my car during the day. I'd come down at the end of the day and the passenger seat would be fully reclined. Similar to your sign idea, I put a bait dollar bill in the middle console with a message to the would-be thief. In my mind, the guy would have too much dignity to hand the liquor store clerk a dollar that was magic-markered with "you %#a@! thief!" It disappeared the first afternoon I made it available. Boy I really showed him.


I love it. Especially the shank/wikipedia one. Because all true badasses get their weapons advice from the innernets.


It looks like you have a lot of time on your hands now that the Bar is over. I hope you are enjoying it!!
I feel your pain about your truck. People liked to break into my teal cavalier back in the day...

trish cree

i LOVE the alarm system.... but did you consider your thief may not know how to read?! i think you need to try one with pictures - it may be more effective!! :o)

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