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your mother-in-law

I can make a list if you need something to do.

Emily Garrett Cassady

OMG!!! I laughed so hard at this.
Why are you crazy??
You need to get a job. But for now, I'm really glad you don't have one. This was classic.


Oh wow - this is absolutely hysterical. I'll revisit this when times get rough for a sure-fire laugh.


So the giraffe was tending bar in Matt's apartment. A drunk guy walked in, placed his hat on the bar and ordered a drink. The giraffe refused to serve him, and the man angrily stumbled off. Emily pointed to the hat that was left behind and said, "Hey! You can't leave that lying in here." And the bartender said, "I'm not a lion, I'm a giraffe."


OMG!!!! HEE I want a 4 foot giraffe now.


how did i miss this?
i want one. so precious.

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