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hahahahaha. Very funny and very true, Mathew with one t.


loved it! totally glad to finally see more smartjuice posts!


yay Matt! you finally updated. I never knew your name was spelled Mathew.


From a person who's name gets mispronounced all the time, your post made me laugh. One time I went to Freebirds and ordered quesadillas. When I gave them my name (and even spelled it for them) somehow they came out with Canera. Go figure. My husband is one of those first initial middle name last name people. He was named after his father (who he hasn't seen since our wedding 7 years ago) but his first name is Richard. Richard, nor any of its nicknames are very good. Richard makes me think of Tommy Boy (Richard, hold me), Rich sounds like some preppy sweater-vest wearing tool, Ricky sounds like a little kid, and Dick...well, that speaks for itself. So he goes by Keith, and only uses his first initial for formal documents. I just thought I'd give an reason why someone wouldn't want to use their first name. And by the way, I think you should start going by Mat.

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