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Sounds better than the snack shack at surf n swim....at least you probably make more money! :)


To claify...I NEVER worked at the snack shack...that was SmartJuice's high school summer job.
I only work at jobs where there is air conditioning and no food products.


I'll trade you?

Actually, I'm happy that you have this job b/c it seems like it should give tons of blog fodder. And the more you update? The happier we are!


For the record, there WAS air conditioning in the snack shack. That was the only place at the wave pool that had air conditioning.

Also, my uniform there was shorts, a t-shirt, and a hat. And I got free food all summer. And free candy. And free snow cones. Free ice cream.

I still maintain that that was the BEST summer job EVER.

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