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rai.  or ari.

Hi! I'm still alive!


If you need me to do any yelling at them, I've had plenty of experience.


Can't you just threaten to sue them with some SmartJuice Attorney at Law letter head??


I did this same thing a couple of years ago, and I had to get the rabbit ears. However, I got an antenna for about $10 at Walmart and got great reception through it.

Also, if the locals aren't quite doing it for you, I've found Netflix to be a great sub in for cable. It's cheaper, and a lot of TV shows are on DVD these days.

Anyhow, good luck in your dealings with The Man. Don't let the cable company keep you down like that!


SO glad you're back! That obnoxiousness w/ the cable would have driven me out of my hibernation to bitch as well.......MUST HAVE THE CABLE! I put off getting it for years and years b/c a) we were poor, but most importantly...b) I KNEW I'd be THAT MUCH MORE of a tv junkie if I had it.

I've been true to form......it's my lifeblood...and I'm pretty sure I'd collapse w/out it.

Good Luck! You're stronger than I'll ever be! :)

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