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Welcome back! I'm glad you're doing well, even if you are trapped under a pile of books.

Of course, you realize that what you need to get now is wireless. Then you'll be totally pimped out, internet-wise.


At least some of YOUR books were used!!


and oh yeah, where can i get one of those lunch pails!?!?


Think about how NICE your book collection is going to look when you're all finished. That alone is reason enough to persevere. That and I have heard that the pay is decent...


What you should have done is gotten an apartment with a fireplace - those books make super firestarter! P.S. - Matlock is a great man!


What was that address again? NOT that I'm coming to rob you or anything....b/c I totally believe you that you got your renter's insurance already.....b/c you're the type to totally be on top of things like that, like me. Uh huh.

And love the lunch kit!


hmm has your old job been filled yet? HA HA HA

Welcome back!


YAY!! Glad you're back! Good luck with school.


Hey, there you are! Nice to see you back. Love the Matlock stuff...but the crowbar marks are a little scary. Buy a large dog.

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