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That's greatness!


Wish I could have been there to hear the commentary. "Ah excuse me Mr. President. Mr. President? Yes. Hello my name is Smartjuice. NO. SMART - JUICE. Not Smartjew. Anyway, Mr. President, does your wife ever get that 'not so fresh' feeling? Just curious. With all due respect."


Well then, if the Bush twins are ordering me to comment, I will do it! Don't want those drunk bitches trying to start a tussle. Also, I enjoy your site muchly (and again, Bush twins said so) so I will also get notified.


Holy cow, I did one of those raspberry laughs at the George "I'm going to bite your ear off" line and now I have to clean off my monitor. He looks like he's going to vault right over Laura and wipe that smirk right off of George W.'s face. Funny, funny post!

New Jan Brady



Oh, man. I want you to be at the Oscars next. Promise you will be at the Oscars!


Freakin' hilarious!
But I don't think there is anything normal about those bitches. Although it is nice that Jenna mastered that stumbly wumbly walk and can help others now. I guess she did learn something in school.


Thank you. We, the public, need to know what's REALLY going on. Thank you again for keeping us informed.

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